I hooked up the IOT Relay and an I-Socket Autoswitch outlet for dust collection on my X-Carve and this is how you can, too.

This product was recommended on the x-carve forums to allow Easel to automatically turn on and off your spindle and dust collection. You can get it here: https://amzn.to/2XEfc8U (affiliate link)

First Part:

I connected my spindle to the Normally Off outlet and the X-Controller to Alway On. You can connect your Vac/Dust Collector to the other Normally Off outlet and when you click on Carve, it should start the spindle and vac simultaneously. However, you’ll see below why I chose a different route.

I have my switch hooked up as seen below:


Second Part: 

Ground wire connects the (-) negative connector on the switch and GND on the X-Controller. The positive wire connects the (+) positive connector on the switch and Spindle (0-10V) on the X-Controller.

GND -> (-) negative
Spindle (0-10V) -> (+) positive

The wires connecting to the X-Controller are 18 awg.


Tie It All Together

I was noticing my dust collector overdrawing power and causing my relay to shut off. Because of this, my setup differs from others’.

To combat this issue, I added the I-socket Autoswitch to my gear. I’ve been using it steadily for the last year with no issues at all. I have the Iot-Relay plugged into an extension cord and the extension cord into the autoswitch.

The vacuum is then plugged into the VAC outlet on the switch.

The autoswitch detects when there is a current draw and turns on my dust collector when the spindle kicks on. When the spindle stops, it delays turning off the vacuum for 7 seconds. This allows for the remaining dust to be collected out of the hose.


More examples of using the Iot Relay Switch: http://www.digital-loggers.com/iot2faqs.html

Now that you’ve hooked up your relay to your x-carve, check out some of our files to try on your own! https://thenextdoorwoodworker.com/download-category/cnc-files/

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